Philip McTigue

Philip McTigue

In his current corporate leadership role Philip McTigue is responsible for creating, expanding and managing critical federal government relationships such as the military, law enforcement and intelligence community in the use of imagery and geospatial products within the GEOINT discipline. His scope of responsibility also includes facilitating task order development, capture of imagery, delivery of products to customers and orchestrates the management of the entire process. He is an accomplished leader in creating and implementing team strategy for rapid growth and improving technology-based solutions. Philip McTigue also maintains millions of dollars of assets and revenue in his industry leading business and ensures projects are completed professionally, on time and within budget.

Philip McTigue’s work history is vast and includes key experiences collaborating with federal law enforcement and the intelligence community in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Israel. His acumen in the space has also allowed McTigue to play pivotal roles in training teams of culturally diverse individuals in special skills to enhance the effectiveness of border activities, narco-terrorism operations and intelligence methodologies. The ten years Mr. McTigue spent deployed were extremely rigorous and instrumental in helping the U.S. government create safer environments in these austere locations.

Other activities Philip McTigue has been involved in include direct action operations with the elite Narcotics Interdiction Unit with the DEA Foreign-Deployed Advisory and Support Teams (FAST) in Afghanistan and close protection operations in Iraq with the intelligence community conducting clandestine operations.

While Philip McTigue was working as a United Nations Special Operations Team Leader in Kosovo he led and trained teams on important protocols that pertained to protecting and transporting international, high value individuals. His teams also conducted raids across Kosovo with the mission to capture fugitives and war criminals within the region. Throughout these diverse experiences Philip McTigue has cultivated skills in leadership, organization and achieving challenging objectives.

Administratively Philip McTigue has played a critical role in the development of policies and procedures, corporate practices involving principles, integrity, and building budgets. These administrative roles stretch the gamut from military operations to the intelligence community and corporate environments. Mr. McTigue possess thousands of hours of management and supervisory training, fiscal responsibility and conducts collegiate level presentations. Philip McTigue possess both a B.A. and M.A. in Homeland Security and his earlier career involved serving as a police officer in Rochester, N.Y. and a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Known for thinking objectively, being realistic and aggressive, and displaying proactive leadership skills, McTigue has proven his ability to achieve superior results and responding to challenges with confidence and tenacity.